Conn. R. App. P. 61-11

No Bonding Requirement per Conn. R. App. P. 61-11 Stay of Execution in Noncriminal Cases.

“(a) Automatic stay of execution. Except where otherwise provided by statute or other law, proceedings to enforce or carry out the judgment or order shall be automatically stayed until the time to file an appeal has expired. If an appeal is filed, such proceedings shall be stayed until the final determination of the cause. If the case goes to judgment on appeal, any stay thereafter shall be in accordance with Section 71-6 (motions for reconsideration), Section 84-3 (petitions for certification by the Connecticut Supreme Court), and Section 71-7 (petitions for certiorari by the United States Supreme Court).” 

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**In Federal cases the bond requirement is governed by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure “62(b) Stay by Bond or Other Security. At any time after judgment is entered, a party may obtain a stay by providing a bond or other security. The stay takes effect when the court approves the bond or other security and remains in effect for the time specified in the bond or other security.”**

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