Arkansas Rules of Appellate Procedure

Civil – Rule 8 Stay Pending Appeal

(a) Supersedeas defined; necessity. A supersedeas is a written order commanding appellee to stay proceedings on the judgment, decree or order being appealed from and is necessary to stay such proceedings.

(b) […]

(c) Supersedeas bond. (1) Whenever an appellant entitled thereto desires a stay on appeal, he shall present to the court for its approval a supersedeas bond which shall have such surety or sureties as the court requires. The bond shall be to the effect that appellant shall pay to appellee all costs and damages that shall be affirmed against appellant on appeal; or if appellant fails to prosecute the appeal to a final conclusion, or if such appeal shall for any cause be dismissed, that appellant shall satisfy and perform the judgment, decree or order of the circuit court. However, the maximum bond that may be required in any civil action under any legal theory shall be limited to twenty-five million dollars ($25,000,000), regardless of the amount of the judgment.[…]” 

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**In Federal cases the bond requirement is governed by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure “62(b) Stay by Bond or Other Security. At any time after judgment is entered, a party may obtain a stay by providing a bond or other security. The stay takes effect when the court approves the bond or other security and remains in effect for the time specified in the bond or other security.”**

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