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The Appeal Bond Experts

At CSBA, we have over 110 years of combined surety experience exclusively handling civil court bonds nationwide, making us the appeal bonding experts. With that appeal bond expertise available to attorneys and their clients, finding a solution that fits the client’s unique situation is made all the easier.

Discover how working with an appeal bond expert eases this step in the appeal process.

Court Surety Bond Types

There are several civil litigation bond types that your client may be required to get when involved in litigation. It’s important to understand what type of court surety bond is relevant to what situation and to be prepared for the underwriting process. Here you will find a list of the types of court bonds your client may need to post in a civil litigation 

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Resources on Court Bonds

CSBA’s ability to be an appeal bond expert and provide guidance to our clients stems from our deep knowledge of the appellate process and civil court surety bonds. Part of our dedication is educating attorneys on appeal bonds, how they work, the underwriting process, and ensuring we provide the answers to any underwriting question about appeal bonds no matter if the case is in State or Federal court.


We frequently publish articles on appeal bonds and important information for attorneys here:

Certified Sureties List

Each year, the Federal Department of the Treasury approves and certifies the surety companies that are eligible to issue appeal bonds in federal court. You can find that information here: 


For succinct answers to your questions, we have written a general FAQ to provide the basics of appeal bonds for attorneys here:

Map of the united states.

Appeal Bonds by State

States have different requirements in terms of when and the amount that appeal bonds need to be posted for. To better serve those in need of an appeal surety bond, we have assembled all the regulations of appeal bonds state by state. You can find the information relevant to the state your case is in here.

Get the Appeal Bond You Need with CSBA

Options are important when an attorney needs to procure an appeal bond, as every appellate case is unique and so is your client’s situation.

We at CSBA pride ourselves on the expertise we’ve gained by focusing exclusively on appeal bonds for matters in civil litigation courts. 

By having this focus, we at CSBA:

  • Have access to appeal bond insurers that most general insurance agents do not.
  • Have the ability to accept many forms of collateral when it is required. The variety of collateral options that can be used makes it easier for your client to obtain the court bond they need to pursue their appeal.
  • Are able to write bonds for international companies when needing an appeal bond in U.S. state or federal courts.
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