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Since 1984, Court Surety has helped attorneys protect their clients’ assets during appeal.

Court Surety Bond Agency brings a combined 110 years of surety experience handling supersedeas bonds in all 50 states. We’ll guide you through the complexities of the bonding process, and find solutions that fit your client’s particular situation.

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Like most attorneys, it may have been years since you’ve needed the help of a surety agency. Now navigating a complex and high-stakes appeal, you need a knowledgeable and responsive partner who is ready to help you and your client through this challenging situation.

Court Surety Bond Agency Offers:

Court Surety is the nation’s leading provider of supersedeas bonds. All of our surety agents come from strong finance backgrounds and have the knowledge and insight to expertly navigate the complexities of underwriting supersedeas bonds.

Bonding for civil litigation is all we do. Day in and day out, and in every state and federal court in the US, we help attorneys understand and evaluate the options for collateralizing bonds, timeframes required, and the costs.

Our network of surety providers is trusted, proven, and diverse. We thoroughly examine the intricacies of your case, then tap into a wide pool of trusted supersedeas bond providers that will meet your unique needs. We even work with several sureties that can write bonds for international companies in over 25 countries. Whether your clients are domestic or abroad, we can meet all U.S. state and federal court requirements. 

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Supersedeas bonds are all we do. We have access to a pool of surety insurers and programs that most general insurance agents don’t. Our longstanding relationship with key providers gives us the ability to use a wide variety of forms of collateral when required. The four different types of acceptable collateral are as follows, and can be used in combination with one another:


Using cash as collateral for a supersedeas bond carries several advantages, such as some sureties paying interest on the cash deposit. Another advantage of using cash as collateral is that it can shorten the time it takes to acquire the supersedeas bond versus posting another type of collateral.

Letters of Credit from a Bank

A letter of credit is essentially a promise by a bank to pay a beneficiary (in this case, the surety company) a specified amount upon demand, which is typically equal to the bond amount. Given the liquid nature of a letter of credit, this form of collateral is seen as very similar to cash collateral by sureties.

Real Estate

Real estate is also an option, but there are only two sureties that currently consider taking real estate as collateral for supersedeas bonds. The sureties will primarily consider residential real estate (single and multi-family) and commercial properties (office, industrial, and retail).

Marketable Securities

This type of collateral includes stocks and bonds held in non-retirement accounts, as well as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and money market funds. If the appellant wants to use marketable securities for collateral, they must first provide the surety company with their most recent account statement and the value of the account usually needs to exceed the amount of the bond.

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